About Us

SáVan Scarves was launched in 2018 by Vandra.  After talking to friends over coffee, Vandra was inspired to set up her own business following her love of stylish, simple and inclusive fashion and accessories, particularly scarves, as a part of her everyday wardrobe and to which she could introduce accents of colour.  Vandra wanted to launch a small business working with this passion, and to create and translate her own unique designs on to luxury scarves.

Each design is a colour story printed in small batches in high quality silk from Italy’s Lake Como region, and packaged by hand.  Vandra, wanted to create beautiful and original scarves that would enhance any style, and would be valued by women of all ages.  For Vandra the use of a scarf as an accessory provides a fundamental and instantaneous alternative look with accents of colour and versatility for the wearer to use or to customise an accessory such as a handbag.

SaVan Scarf Orange Flat

Designed by Vandra, The Monarch Butterfly design is the first of SáVan‘s stunning and growing collection.  Renowned for their annual migration across the American continent to the mountains of central Mexico, the Monarch Butterfly is spiritually revered throughout Mexico as being the goddess of motherhood, love and beauty, tranquility and change and too, the spirit of the forest.

SaVan Scarves 2020 Scarf

The ‘2020’ scarf, inspired by Hermès, depicts brother sun and sister moon as part of a world clock surrounded by cities that are situated on the most northerly and southerly points of the worlds twelve time zones.  The hands of the clock strike the midnight hour celebrating the incoming new year and decade.  Again Monarch Butterflies appear throughout the design symbolic of change, peace and tranquility.